Tiny Crosswords 1.3.0 is Out

We finally released an updated version of Tiny Crosswords to properly support all the latest iOS devices. While the game was still working fine, we were not taking advantage properly of the larger screen of newer iPhone devices. We also had a chance to fix a couple of funny little bugs.

And special thanks to all the players that keep on requesting new packages for Tiny Crosswords, throughout the past 6 years. A new package and some new features are in the making, and will be available (hopefully) soon.

Happy Tiny Crosswords to all of you!

Tiny Crosswords 1.2.0 Available Now!

We finally released a new version of Tiny Crosswords, 1.2.0, with some graphical adjustments and 32 new free crosswords – including a new package, Yellow Bird! It took longer than planned to get this relatively small update out there, and this is mostly due to paid work taking most of our time during the last year.

We really, really thank our players – you are not many, but we know you love the game and waited for a long while to get more crosswords. Thanks for your feedback and your support!

And if you have never played Tiny Crosswords, get the game here, it’s free!


Tiny Crosswords 1.1.0 Is Out… and A Few Numbers

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The new version of Tiny Crosswords is now available in the App Store worldwide. Version 1.1.0 includes a new package available for purchase, and 2 additional crosswords for each of the other packages in the game. Version 1.0.1 also included the possibility to listen to your own iTunes music in background. Thanks to one of our kind players, Jim, for requesting the feature.

If you love Tiny Crosswords, please take the time to review it in the App Store – each download and rating counts!

Tiny Crosswords - The Best Crossword Game on the iTunes App Store!

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Tiny Crosswords is Out. Take That, Apocalypse!

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Well, we submitted Tiny Crosswords to Apple less than 1 week ago, during Christmas time, planning to release it in January with a proper press launch. But Apple surprised us with a fast review and we decided to do a soft release, with just a Twitter launch, to see how players like the game and adjust minor things if necessary.

This is certainly not the proper way to launch a game; but we believe that if Tiny Crosswords will ever make any money it will be in the very long run, maybe after we have released other games.

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Tiny Crosswords: A New Beginning

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Welcome to MagnetiCat! We are happy to you made it here in one piece. About one month ago we moved again, from Iceland to Portugal. New year, new country we have never been in before. We will likely stay here for the next year, at least. Then we will see.

About 6 months ago, in between freelancing jobs and designing games that were completely out of our means in terms of development time and effort, I decided to pick the simplest idea I had for a game and get it done. The idea had to be the simplest, both in game design and in art requirements, and had to be doable under the terrible pressure we were undergoing at the time. And back then, we did not even know we were going to leave the country in November. Funny times. By October, I was pretty sure I was going to die before the end of the month.

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