We are a team of two humans and a dog, making (also) games. Owl loves photography, books, and films. Thirtyfour loves something, but he’s not sure about what that is, exactly. Kátur passionately loves soccer balls, but he also likes the ocean, cats, and children, especially when these things are combined.

We come from somewhere, but we move around a lot. We are currently based in the Netherlands, but in the past 5 years we have been living in Lisboa, Portugal and in Reykjavik, Iceland. We will move again in the future.

We believe in the importance of prototyping, in trying different things, in the pleasure of building something out of nothing, in being artisans, and in being honest. We have made Tiny Crosswords, a simple and elegant crossword game, but we hope to find the time and funds to create bigger games we have dreamed for a long time, with your support.

We love adventure games, and we are trying to figure out a way to develop our first one. We love games that make you see things from a different perspective. We think that less is more. But first of all, we love games that are fun.

The Magnificent Team

Lorenzo “Thirtyfour” “Uncle W” “Harry” Bassanelli
A magician in the jungle of Honduras until an accident made him change his mind and changed his eyebrow forever, he now takes care of game design, graphics, sounds, and programming. He likes inventing pseudonyms to sound more interesting, and filling his inner void by growing a beard.

Rossella “Pu the Owl” Nisio
An ex-Okapi tamer, she loves graphic design, writing, photography, visual art, bartendering, and burning cookies. She takes care of graphics, game design, and content creation for our games.

Kátur Nerino Poltronieri IV
An ex-sailor, Kátur takes care of marketing strategy, goalkeeping, and jumping on people. Sometimes, he barks. He is 63 years old, but next year he will be 70.

Who taught us that home is wherever you want it to be, and that a string is worth more than a thousand ready-made toys.