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Tiny Crosswords: A New Beginning

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Welcome to MagnetiCat! We are happy to you made it here in one piece. About one month ago we moved again, from Iceland to Portugal. New year, new country we have never been in before. We will likely stay here for the next year, at least. Then we will see.

About 6 months ago, in between freelancing jobs and designing games that were completely out of our means in terms of development time and effort, I decided to pick the simplest idea I had for a game and get it done. The idea had to be the simplest, both in game design and in art requirements, and had to be doable under the terrible pressure we were undergoing at the time. And back then, we did not even know we were going to leave the country in November. Funny times. By October, I was pretty sure I was going to die before the end of the month.

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