Tiny Crosswords is Out. Take That, Apocalypse!

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Well, we submitted Tiny Crosswords to Apple less than 1 week ago, during Christmas time, planning to release it in January with a proper press launch. But Apple surprised us with a fast review and we decided to do a soft release, with just a Twitter launch, to see how players like the game and adjust minor things if necessary.

This is certainly not the proper way to launch a game; but we believe that if Tiny Crosswords will ever make any money it will be in the very long run, maybe after we have released other games.

Also, this will give us an insight on what it means to release without any marketing, and it will help us evaluate the effect of press releases and marketing strategies better, in the future. Not to mention, the chance of releasing the game before silly Apocalypse day doesn’t happen too often.

Someday, the tale of MagnetiCat, that released a game in the face of Armageddon, will be drunkenly told around a fireplace. And somebody will whisper: “What the hell is magneticat?”. Yes, without capitalization.